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                                       This Product is Available in all AKC Breeds.

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Dog Figure is Molded from an Original Wood Carved Product

Airedale Yard / Garden StakeAiredale Yard / Garden Stake
Akita Yard / Garden StakeAkita Yard / Garden Stake
Alaskan Malamute Yard / Garden StakeAlaskan Malamute Yard / Garden Stake
American Cocker Spaniel Yard / Garden StakeAmerican Cocker Spaniel Yard / Garden Stake
American Staffordshire Terrier (Natural) Yard / Garden StakeAmerican Staffordshire Terrier (Natural) Yard / Garden Stake
Australian Cattle Dog Yard / Garden StakeAustralian Cattle Dog Yard / Garden Stake
Australian Shepherd Yard / Garden StakeAustralian Shepherd Yard / Garden Stake
Basenji Yard / Garden StakeBasenji Yard / Garden Stake
Basset Hound Yard / Garden StakeBasset Hound Yard / Garden Stake
Beagle Yard / Garden StakeBeagle Yard / Garden Stake
Bernese Mt. Dog Yard / Garden StakeBernese Mt. Dog Yard / Garden Stake
Bichon Frise Yard / Garden StakeBichon Frise Yard / Garden Stake
Bluetick Coonhound Yard / Garden StakeBluetick Coonhound Yard / Garden Stake
Border Collie Yard / Garden StakeBorder Collie Yard / Garden Stake
Borzoi Yard / Garden StakeBorzoi Yard / Garden Stake
Boxer Cropped Yard/Garden StakeBoxer Cropped Yard/Garden Stake
Boxer Uncropped Yard/Garden StakeBoxer Uncropped Yard/Garden Stake
Cairn Terrier Yard/Garden StakeCairn Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Cavalier King Charles Yard/Garden StakeCavalier King Charles Yard/Garden Stake
Clumber Spaniel Yard/Garden StakeClumber Spaniel Yard/Garden Stake
Collie Yard/Garden StakeCollie Yard/Garden Stake
Coonhound (Black / Tan) Yard / Garden StakeCoonhound (Black / Tan) Yard / Garden Stake
Dachshund Long Hair Yard/Garden StakeDachshund Long Hair Yard/Garden Stake
Dachshund Smooth Yard/Garden StakeDachshund Smooth Yard/Garden Stake
Doberman Yard/Garden StakeDoberman Yard/Garden Stake
English Bulldog Yard/Garden StakeEnglish Bulldog Yard/Garden Stake
English Springer Spaniel Yard/Garden StakeEnglish Springer Spaniel Yard/Garden Stake
Entlebucher Mt. Dog Yard/Garden StakeEntlebucher Mt. Dog Yard/Garden Stake
Flat Coated Retriever Yard/Garden StakeFlat Coated Retriever Yard/Garden Stake
Fox Terrier Wire Yard/Garden StakeFox Terrier Wire Yard/Garden Stake
French Bulldog Yard/Garden StakeFrench Bulldog Yard/Garden Stake
German Shepherd Yard/Garden StakeGerman Shepherd Yard/Garden Stake
Golden Retriever Yard/Garden StakeGolden Retriever Yard/Garden Stake
Great Pyrenees Yard/Garden StakeGreat Pyrenees Yard/Garden Stake
Havanese Yard/Garden StakeHavanese Yard/Garden Stake
Jack Russell Terrier Yard/Garden StakeJack Russell Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Labrador Retriever Yard/Garden StakeLabrador Retriever Yard/Garden Stake
Leonberger Yard/Garden StakeLeonberger Yard/Garden Stake
Mastiff Yard/Garden StakeMastiff Yard/Garden Stake
Newfoundland Yard/Garden StakeNewfoundland Yard/Garden Stake
Norfolk Terrier Yard/Garden StakeNorfolk Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Norwich Terrier Yard/Garden StakeNorwich Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Pekingese Yard/Garden StakePekingese Yard/Garden Stake
Pomeranian Yard/Garden StakePomeranian Yard/Garden Stake
Poodle Yard/Garden StakePoodle Yard/Garden Stake
Pug Yard/Garden StakePug Yard/Garden Stake
Rottweiler Yard/Garden StakeRottweiler Yard/Garden Stake
Schnauzer Miniature Yard/Garden StakeSchnauzer Miniature Yard/Garden Stake
Schnauzer Natural Yard/Garden StakeSchnauzer Natural Yard/Garden Stake
Scottish Terrier Yard/Garden StakeScottish Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Yard/Garden StakeShetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Yard/Garden Stake
Shih Tzu Yard/Garden StakeShih Tzu Yard/Garden Stake
Siberian Husky Yard/Garden StakeSiberian Husky Yard/Garden Stake
Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier Yard Garden StakeSoft-coated Wheaten Terrier Yard Garden Stake
St. Bernard Yard/Garden StakeSt. Bernard Yard/Garden Stake
Welsh Corgi  Pembroke Yard/Garden StakeWelsh Corgi Pembroke Yard/Garden Stake
Welsh Terrier Yard/Garden StakeWelsh Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
West Highland Terrier Yard/Garden StakeWest Highland Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
Yorkshire Terrier Yard/Garden StakeYorkshire Terrier Yard/Garden Stake
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