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These Canine sculptures attempt to depict the selected breed as they are so often viewed by their human master. Each Figurine is meticulously crafted in Stone Resin and hand painted by our talented artists for unparalleled realism. This dog comes with a neck chain and a tag that reads “My Dog”.


The Newfoundland may be a descendant of the Viking "bear dogs" or nomadic Indian dogs. Others believe the Newfoundland is a close relative of the Labrador. This theory is based on the similarities between the two breeds and the fact that the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador are very close to each other. It is possible that the Labrador, which is an excellent swimmer, was able to swim the Strait of Belle Isle or cross on foot when the water was frozen. Many believe the Newfoundland originated from crosses between Tibetan Massifs brought to Canada By British or European fisherman and local dogs early in the 1700's. In any case, the resulting breed found a niche aiding fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Others say the Newfoundland dog is related to the Labrador, however not in the way stated above... The breed was already in St John's in Newfoundland 500 odd years ago when Cabot arrived, this much is known from written accounts of visitors just a few years after his landing. The Vikings, who were here 500 years before that or another group may have brought the animal to these shores. The Labrador dog is descended from a dog called the St. John's Water Dog and selective pairing with The Newfoundland. In the early days of this breed before they were called Labs they were known as "the lesser Newfoundland dog". The name Labrador was given to them after they started to become popular for their fine attributes.

This gentle giant was used for hauling in nets, carrying boat lines to shore, retrieving anything which fell overboard and rescuing shipwrecked and drowning victims. The breed was also used to haul lumber, pull mail sheds, deliver milk, and carry loads in packs. The Newfoundland was, and still is, an outstanding instinctive water rescue dog. Many owe their lives to members of the breed. In 1919 a gold medal was awarded to a Newfoundland that pulled to safety a lifeboat containing twenty shipwrecked people. It has been called the St. Bernard of the water. During World War II, Newfoundlands hauled supplies and ammunition for the Armed Forces in blizzard conditions in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Today safer ships and improved communications have limited the dog's processional activities but its appeal has not diminished due to the fact that it is considered a handsome, devoted, delightful companion. It is still very good at water trials, competitive obedience, weight pulling, carting, backpacking, and as a watchdog and guarding dog. The Newfoundland Club of America holds drafting and water rescue tests.
Size-7”L x 12”W x 33/4”H
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