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Belgian Tervuren Executive Dog Figurine Pen Set.

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Belgian Tervuren Executive Dog Figurine Pen Set.
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The elegant Tervuren is slender, squarely proportioned and solidly muscled, but not bulky, with proud carriage. The hindquarters are muscular, without looking heavy. The small, dark, almond-shaped eyes have an alert and questioning expression. The alert erect ears should be equilateral triangles. They should be in good proportion to the dog's head. The muzzle tapers, but is not excessively pointy. The skull is flat and parallel to the plain of the muzzle. The nose is black and the lips should be tight. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The topline is level with a slight slope at the withers. The chest is neither broad nor narrow, but is deep, reaching to the elbow. The hindquarters are muscular, without looking heavy. The front legs are very straight and parallel to each other, with round cat-feet. Dewclaws may be removed from the front legs and should be removed from the back legs. The long, feathered tail reaches at least to the hock. The harsh coat is medium to long, consisting of a dense under coat and a straight, black-tipped, outer coat which produces the characteristic black overlay. There is extra feathering on the rump and back of the legs as well as a ruff around the neck, extending down the chest (this is more pronounced in males). Base color may be fawn to mahogany with many registries accepting shades of gray. Some white is acceptable on the chest, toes and chin. The hair on the head, legs, and outer surface of the ears is short. The Belgian Tervuren generally darkens as it gets older. It has a light, graceful, almost floating gait.
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Appx. Size: Plaque is 6" L x 4 3/4" W These Canine sculptures attempt to depict the selected breed as they are so often viewed by their human master.
This beautiful wood plaque holds one of our Original size figurines. Each Figurine is meticulously crafted in Stone Resin and hand painted by our talented artists for unparalleled realism.
Comes complete with a gold tone pen. Please note: Due to manufacturing requirements please allow at least 7-10 days turn around time for this item.
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